Wish lists made easy. Get the ideas. Co-ordinate the giving.

addwish makes it easy to give and receive the right gifts

Gift-giving is part of celebrating. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, christening or Christmas, we all love to give and receive gifts. addwish is a free online service that lets you and your friends and family create wish lists and coordinate who gives what.

Get the gift they really want

Forget about running around the shops trying to figure out which gift to buy. With addwish you can check a person's list online and find out what they really want. And best of all, much of the time there's a link to an online shop where you can buy it.

Coordinate the giving

With traditional wish lists, there's little way of knowing who's giving what. addwish allows everyone who's been invited to see a list to mark gifts as reserved. That way, it's easy to see which gifts have been taken. And of course, without the list owner being able to see. We don't want to take all the surprise out of gift-giving!

Update lists when you get ideas

Lists can be updated whenever you get an idea for a gift. So even if it's July, you can still add items to the kids' Christmas lists. By having all your lists in one place, when an event gets closer and people start asking for the list, you can quickly send it out.

Get inspired

Not sure what to add to your list? Don't worry, addwish can provide you with inspiration. Use the search function and see the most popular gifts. For example, type in an idea and you'll see lots of similar products. It's like browsing round the shops from the comfort of your home!

Use addwish on lots of different web shops

Lots of web shops use addwish functionality on their website. So if you're browsing a web shop which has the addwish logo, you can add items to your lists directly. You don't have to remember the item and then visit the addwish website. It happens automatically.

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